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Which software tool is right for your company? PrecisionPlus® and PrecisionPlus® Lite are integrated systems which design, detail, cost and plot buildings with welded plate (built-up) or mill mainframes – "pre-engineered" buildings. PrecisionPlus® has more options, and more user-control. PrecisionPlus® Lite is a very affordable system, for use in the US domestic market ONLY. Take a look at the comparison, try the tour, and contact us to discuss the best option for you.

  PrecisionPlus® PrecisionPlus® Lite
Integrated design, detailing, plotting and costing Yes Yes
Easy to use interface for input and output Yes Yes
Developed and maintained by Loseke Technologies, Inc. Yes Yes
Customer support Yes, at no charge Yes, for a fee
Full design & costing reports, shop and erection plots Yes Yes
Metric options Yes No
Mainframe column with fixed base Yes No
Output (reports & plots) display your company’s info Yes Yes
Training and setup assistance with license Individual session Group session at Loseke Technologies’ office
Full control of design criteria such as building code data Yes Yes
Full control of product line data and multiple product lines Yes No
User documentation on program and product line Yes Yes
Advanced stand-alone design modules Yes, depending on license agreement No
Gabled symmetrical and non-symmetrical, single slope and lean to shapes Yes Yes
Mainframe interior columns up to 9 interior columns up to 4 interior columns
Mainframe options
  • floor beam design and detailing
  • connected mainframes
  • no floor beams
  • no connected mainframes
Licensing fees Depends on options and number of workstation, typically starting at $35,000 for use on one station $5,500 for license to use on one station




The PrecisionPlus Tour will give you an overview of the program for a particular building. Click Here to Tour PrecisionPlus.

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Cold-formed Mainframe

Cold-formed Mainframe and Cold-formed Mainframe Lite are integrated systems which design, detail, cost and plot buildings with mainframes of c-sections. The mainframes can be single or double (back-to-back) c-sections. Related connections are designed for the frames. Wall girts are horizontally mounted. Reports include locations of all needed holes in the cold-formed sections. These systems are intended for small, utility buildings.

Like PrecisionPlus, Cold-formed Mainframe has more options and more user-control than its Lite counterpart. Cold-formed Mainframe Lite is a very affordable system, for use in the US domestic market ONLY.

PresentationPlus 3D

PresentationPlus 3D lets you show your clients the building you are bidding in color and in three dimensions. Show windows, doors, overhangs as well as with exterior finish colors and panel ribbing. Define panel and trim colors to match your offerings. Modify the building – from size to location of openings – connect buildings, create flat and perspective views, and select different ground and sky. Show your clients the results instantly. When your client can visualize the project, you can close the sale!

Cold-formed Mainframe

Other products and services are also available from Loseke Technologies. For example, we license design tools such as ColdgoPlus and PanelPlus as well as Crane Runway Beam Design, Mainframe Design, and many more. Additionally, we undertake programming projects for companies with unique needs. And we provide services such as generation of section property and load table data for component manufacturers. Let us know what you need, and we will work with you to provide it.

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